Pi Beta Phi
At Our University

Hello and welcome to Pi Beta Phi at the University of Maine!

For Potential New Members (PNMs) – Going into college, I would have never imagined myself in a sorority, let alone being the president of one! When I first started at UMaine, I wanted nothing more than to get to know people and find my place, being eight hours away from home.  Little did I know, joining Pi Beta Phi would allow me to change and grow as a woman, as well as lead me to some of my closest, truest, and most encouraging friends. Whether you join Pi Phi at UMaine or the other eight organizations we have on campus, you are joining a community of empowering leaders who will encourage your growth and happiness for life. 

The exception, however, is Pi Phi. In joining this sisterhood, you will be shaped and molded by over 150 years of strong and rich tradition. Pi Beta Phi gives its members an unparalleled experience with leadership and volunteering opportunities, as well as an unbreakable bond that we proudly share with our sisters. Pi Phi’s stand out from the rest - we are a unique group of women that you can find in Hip Hop Club, $PIFFY, Club and D1 Sports, Class Council… the list goes on and on. With 60 beautiful and courageous women cheering you on, how could you not excel?! If you choose to Go Greek, the world is at your fingertips. We hope you reach out to us to learn more about our sisterhood!

For Parents – when I told my parents I was interested in joining a sorority, they were surprised due to the fact that I was not a "typical sorority type of girl."  As we all know, Greek Life as a whole has come into a lot of negative light, and the media capitalizes on this, showing us all the reasons to “ban Greek Life altogether.” However, I can assure you that the culture of Greek Life at the University of Maine is not in line with those negative stereotypes. This community cultivates leadership potential and encourages service on and off campus. We are a truly a tight-knit and diverse group of men and women whom encourage each other. Your daughter will be gaining much more than a resume booster in joining. 

That being said, year after year, sorority women as a whole out-perform non-Greek women, and this is no coincidence. We know that your daughter’s success is paramount, and Pi Phi will help her prosper during her time at UMaine. With tools like our Leadership Institute, our New Member Education programming, Leading with Values Series, and Lifelong programming, your daughter will gain mentors and friends for life who will put her on the path to success and happiness.

Becoming a sister of Pi Beta Phi at UMaine was something I never imagined myself doing and is now something I couldn’t imagine my life without.

If you have any questions about Pi Beta Phi or Greek Life at UMaine, feel free to reach out to me or the many sisters of Pi Phi.

Pi Phi Love and All of Mine,

President Alessandra Reilly