Thank you for your interest in joining our Greek Community at the University of Maine where we believe in the empowerment of women through the discovery of their true potential. We celebrate our unique voices and backgrounds which combine to form our strong campus presence. The friendships you make here truly last a lifetime and make your college experience one that you will remember forever. Recruitment is so special, as we welcome new women into our community who will share experiences with us all at the University of Maine.

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Dear Potential New Member, 

If you’re new to The University of Maine, congratulations on your acceptance! You are about to begin an incredible experience, one that I can’t imagine having done without the love and support of my sisters in Pi Beta Phi. College is full of new experiences and hardships, but having a strong support system makes all the difference. When I first got to the University of Maine I never expected to join greek life but I found myself needing that sense of community. That’s when I found this likeminded sisterhood that encouraged me to become the best version of myself in every aspect of life, I thank freshman year me everyday for giving me my best friends and pushing me to be the person I am now.

Having been in your shoes, I know you’re probably wondering if a sorority is the right fit for you, what the recruitment process is like, and if you will really find your home away from home. I asked myself these very questions and in the end trusted the process. I found that since then the opportunities within the panhellenic community are endless. 

As you go through recruitment, I encourage you to be yourself and keep an open mind. And if you haven't signed up, I recommend taking that leap as I did and discover all the connections and opportunities that our panhellenic community has to offer. Now as the VP Recruitment of Pi Beta Phi, I have the opportunity to share with you all what I have found in Pi Phi, and more importantly, what you can find. Our members are so excited to meet you and to welcome class of Fall ‘23 so remember to enjoy it, take in every moment, and listen to your heart. 

Olivia LaChance
Vice President of Recruitment