Chapter Leadership

Chapter Officers for 2022-2023

Chapter President: Elizabeth Phillips 

Vice President Operations: Holly Barney 

Vice President Risk Management: Juliet Griffith 

Vice President Member Experience: Abby Johnson

Vice President Community Relations: Hannah Lamoureaux

Vice President of Recruitment: Olivia LaChance 

Vice President Finance / Housing: Madison Ziemer

Vice President Inclusion: Allie Bonanno                                  

Director New Member Experience: Maria Mclaughlin

Director Policy and Prevention Planning: Liv Maloney 

Director Social Events: Lauren Foster 

Director Member Conduct: Sarah Hare

Director Lifelong Membership: Riley Vacchiano

Director Academics: Jenna Miller

Director Housing: Fiona Ferrell

Director Public Relations / Marketing: Lauren Wilcox

Director Membership selection: Sabrina Morro

Director Recruitment Events: Renee LaPointe

Director Member Finance: Emma Fish

Director Policy and Prevention Education: Maria Mclaughlin

Director Community Inclusion: Korina Gomez

Panhellenic Delegate: Janelle Doak